Tis the Season – Christmas Tree Family Business – Gettysburg Companion

Gettysburg Companion – ‘Tis the Season – Christmas tree business brings entire family together. The holiday season brings a lot of families together, but there are few places where that is as visibly apparent as Showers Tree Farm in Aspers.

Managed by Clair Showers, 82, and his 32-year-old grandson Matt Showers, the family business is celebrating its 50th year selling evergreens to retail and wholesale customers, all while trying to spread a little Christmas cheer.

“Every weekend, from Thanksgiving to Christmas, our family comes together here,” Matt said.  “A lot of my family and my in-laws all come to help with the trees and make food and hot chocolate.  Then you look around and see the families who come to get trees and you watch the kids running around the farm.  It really drives home why we’re here and why we do this.”

Planting and harvesting trees has truly run in the Showers’ blood.  Clair planted his first tree around 10th grade. He and wife Louetta founded Showers Tree Farm, along Clearview Road in Aspers, in 1963, when they began planting evergreens on their property.

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