Sheared White Pine

White-Pine-clipThe White Pine grows rather quickly reaching a height of 6′ in about 7 years. It grows best in soils with average moisture levels but can grow in wet areas as well. It prefers full sunlight to thrive but can grow in locations with less than direct sunlight. It is an all purpose evergreen which is used for Christmas trees, ornamental applications, wind breaks and timber.

The needles of a White Pine are approximately 4″ long and are soft to the touch. When the tree is cut and used for display purposes the needles have excellent retention. The color of a White Pine varies slightly from tree to tree but is best described as being a light blue-green.

  • Fast Growing to 100′
  • 6′ in 6 to 7 years – starting with a three year seedling
  • A five needled pine, soft, light green – blue needles
  • 4″ long needles
  • Likes full sun
  • Ordinary soil, normal moisture conditions – good in wet areas
  • Excellent ornamental, windbreak or dense screen
  • Used as Christmas trees or timber
  • Adirondack Mountains – compact short needles


  • 3′ to 9′ live in burlap
  • Up to 9′ cut your own