Nursery Stock

Items that we typically have available pre-dug in our nursery are as follows…
(if there is a specific item that you are looking for please let us know and we will see if we are able to accommodate)

Emerald Green Arborvitae 4-5ft- $55
Green Giant Arborvitae 3-4ft- $25/ 6-7ft- $65
Hemlock (canadian)- 3-4ft- $45/ 4-5ft- $55
Norway Spruce- 3-4ft- $45/ 4-5ft- $50
Serbian Spruce 3-4ft- $50/ 4-5ft-$65
White Pine- 2-5ft- $20-$40
Balsum Fir-6ft- $42
Weeping White Spruce- 3ft- $85
Blue Atlas Cedar Weeping- 4-5ft- $120
Blue Atlas Cedar Straight- 4-5ft- $35

Corkscrew Willow- $80
Kwanzan Cherry-$40
Yoshino Cherry- $80
Cleveland Pear- $100
October Glory Maple-$100
Japanese Maple Weeping- $190
Japanese Maple Straight- $80
Rome Apple Tree 5″ caliper (fruit-bearing)- Dug by Order Only- $300