Norway Spruce

Norway-Spruce-clipThe Norway Spruce grows rather quickly reaching a height of 6′ in less than 7 years. It grows well in average soils but prefers a moderate moisture level to thrive. While prized for ornamental uses and timber it makes for an excellent windbreak when planted in a stand. It is not recommended to cut and display Norway Spruce.

The needles of a Norway Spruce are approximately 1″ long and densely grouped on the limbs. The color of a Norway Spruce varies slightly from tree to tree but is best described as being a deep, dark green.

  • ¬†Fast growing, grows to 150′
  • Will reach 6′ in 6-7 years – starting with a 3 year seedling
  • Needles are 1″ long
  • Dense, dark green
  • Thrives well in average soil conditions, prefers moisture in soil to maintain deep green color
  • Used for ornamental and timber
  • Excellent windbreak
  • NOT good for Christmas trees if cut before 2nd week in Dec.


  • 3′ to 9′ live in burlap
  • Up to 9′ cut your own