Blue Spruce

Blue-Spruce-clipThe Blue Spruce grows slowly reaching a height of 6′ in about 9 years. It grows best in soils with average moisture levels. Is used for Christmas trees and speciality ornamental purposes. Truly a premium and unique evergreen.

The needles of a Blue Spruce are approximately 1″ in length. The needles are very stiff and prickly to the touch. The color of a Blue Spruce is very unique since individual trees may be either the characteristic gray-blue or a medium green.

  • Grows 100′
  • Will reach 6′ in 6 to 7 years – starting with a 3 year seedling
  • Stiff silvery-blue to bluish-green needles
  • 1″ long needles
  • Used for ornamental, colorful screen or windbreak


  • 3′ to 7′ live in burlap
  • Up to 9′ cut your own